artist statement + biography

Margaret Iris, visual artist 


I propose to investigate through photography the relationship between identity and the environment that surrounds us.  My images are inspired by the world of my childhood in northern Europe and by landscapes with cold colors.

In my research, I start from the concept that identity is linked to the way we inhabit spaces (geographic or the places where we move or even our clothes) and nature with our body.

Uninhabited houses, elements of nature, clothes or accessories, emptiness, and details of the body become the focus of my work.  Nature and environments also become protagonists and underline the emotional world of the subjects and of the beholder.  The subjects are always portrayed in natural light that highlights the underlying fragility and conflict.


Susanna Murray, Margaret Iris (Pescara, 1974) lives and works in Pesaro, Italy. She started her artistic research studying at Art Therapy Italiana in Bologna, where she received a degree with a thesis on Fragmentation of the Self and the photographic work of Francesca Woodman. She studied fashion photography portrait at the International Center of Photography of New York. She was selected for Artist Italian Collection 2020 curated by Italy Photo Award. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Bologna.


2022 "The closest thing to us", solo exhibition, Passaggi Festival, Fano, Italy

2022 "Prova di trasmissioni" group exhibition, Centrale Festival, Fano, Italy

2022 "Specie di spazi", group exhibition, Treviso, Italy

2022 "Siamo tutt* Artemide", Sorelle Festival, group exhibition, Faenza, Italy

2020 "Home", group exhibition, Rome, Italy

2020 “Macula Lab Experience _4”,  group exhibition, Pesaro, Italy

2019 “Gavardiana 2019”, group exhibition, Pesaro, Italy

2019 “Ethereal: A Daily Poetry”, group exhibition, Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris, France

2017 “Macula Lab Experience _1”, group exhibition, Pesaro, Italy


2020 shortlisted for IMP Festival Padova, Italy Photo Awards 

2020 shortlisted for “Home”, LoosenArt, Rome

2019 shortlisted for Anatomie, Percorsi Fotosensibili


M.A. in Psychology, University of Bologna, Italy